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Pete Ingham BSc (Hons) APFS

Chartered Financial Planner and Pensions Technical Manager

T: 01257 423 800
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Pete joined the company in 2010 from Haines Watts Chartered Accountants. Prior to that Pete was the Pensions Manager at Cassons Chartered Accountants.

He has 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry, both as an Independent Financial Adviser and also working in the Head Offices of some of the UKs major Life Insurance offices.

His specialist pension knowledge and qualifications enables him to advise clients on all pension matters and specialist pension areas such as transfers, pensions sharing on divorce and income drawdown. He is regularly contacted by local law firms to assist them with pension and divorce matters in addition to accountants who are looking to assist their clients in meeting obligations on the Workplace Pensions Legislation (Auto Enrolment).

Peter also holds the coveted Chartered Financial Planner status, the profession’s gold standard for financial planners.

Our Areas of Expertise

When you retire you still need food and shelter as an absolute minimum, but of course you will want to maintain the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed, so unless you can guarantee a large inheritance or windfall, then you need to provide yourself with a secure income for the rest of your life.  
When someone talks about savings and saving money, it could be referring to a piggy bank on the mantelpiece or a high interest deposit account. Savings are effectively cash or cash instruments, such as deposit accounts, term bonds etc.
Wealth Preservation
Wealth, just like your health, must be carefully preserved. Your assets need to be protected against the potential threats of erosion by taxation, the effects of inflation and investment risks.
Long Term Care
The whole process of dealing with an elderly relative who needs care can be difficult, emotive and stressful. At Prosper we specialise in giving advice on Long Term Care solutions by working closely with the family members concerned.


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